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About Us

About Us

Latin Art Core is a gallery that is proud of being a pioneer in showcasing Latin American and Cuban Art. We are located at the center of the famous neighborhood of Little Havana, on the street of “Calle Ocho”, the emblematic heart of Latin culture in South Florida.Latin Art Core represents and showcases the works of many world-famous artists, greatly impacting the presence of Latin American art in the United States. This long list of highly influential and important artists can be seen at our website.

Our gallery additionally provides many professional and advisory services to our clients, along with showcasing the best pieces of Latin Art and being a center of exchange and reunion for all the art-loving people of South Florida. These additional services are:

  • Appraisals
  • Assistance for the authentication process of artworks
  • Bidding at auctions
  • Consignments of artworks
  • Managing exhibition requests of clients that would prefer to be anonymous
  • Installation of artworks
  • Advise on transporting, insuring, and handling artworks
  • Restoration and conservation of artworks
  • Framing of artworks

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