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Untitled 1972

Wifredo Lam , 1972

Artwork Images:


Lucien Lefebvre-Foinet, Paris Collection.

Christie’s Paris, France. Post War & Contemporary Art. 03 Jun 2021, illustrated on page 181 of the catalog.

Top Art, Sunny Island, Florida.


M.P. Fouchet, Wifredo Lam, First Ed. Barcelona-Paris, 1976, pag 246, nro.607.

M.P. Fouchet, Wifredo Lam, Secund Ed. Barcelona-Paris, 1989, pag 266, nro. 639.

Lou Laurin-Lam and Eskil Lam, Wifredo Lam: Catalogue Rasoinné of the Painted Work, Volume II, 1961-1982, Lausanne 2002, p. 385, no. 72.153, illustrated in black and white.

COA by Eskil Lam, Lam Foundation, Paris.

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