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Wifredo Lam , 1975

Artwork Images:


Galerie Might Lelong, Zurich

Galerie Patrice Trigano, Paris

Sotheby’s Latin American Auction, May 1997, lot #54

Private collection, Beverly Hills, CA


Zürich, Galerie Lelong. Wilfredo Lam, repéres, Cahiers D’art contemporain, P.17, #47, Illustrated in Color. 1976

Zürich, Galerie Lelong. Wilfredo Lam. #43, Illustrated in Color. 1987

WILFREDO LAM in North America, Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA) in collaboration with Marquette University Museum, 2008. Long Beach, California


M.-P. Fouchet, Wilfredo Lam, 1st ed., Barcelona/Paris, Poligrafa/Cercle d’Art, 1976, p.250, n˚ 681 (b.w).

M.-P. Fouchet, Wilfredo Lam, 2nd ed., Barcelona/Paris, Poligrafa/Cercle d’Art, 1989, p.270, n˚ 713 (b.w).

COA by Lou Laurin-Lam, n˚ 89-75, Paris, December 8, 1989.

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