Tomás Sánchez


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Known primarily as a painter, Tomás Sánchez is a versatile artist who has experimented with printmaking, sculpture and photography. However, he is best known as a draftsman and painter, particularly since he won the Joan Miró Drawing Prize in 1980. His work is an expression of parallel interests that cannot be reduced to a mere chronological progression. In it, landscape enjoys a special place, but his other themes —expressionism, trash cans— as well as his media —watercolor, oil, acrylic, tempera, ink, pastel— coexist in a ceaseless motion of collaboration

Tomás Sánchez [contemplating the contemplater], 2013, 13  (in).jpg Tomás Sánchez [dove's flight], watercolor, 29 x 29 (in).jpg Tomás Sánchez [the reedbed], 1982, mixmedia on paper, 12 x 20 (in).jpg Tomás Sánchez Meditador a las ocho am 1995 acrylic on canvas 18 x 24 in.jpg See more in Gallery Tomás Sánchez youtube play icon See more in Video Gallery