Sandú Darié


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Sandu Darie (also referred to as Sandú Darié Laver) was a Romanian artist. Trained initially as a lawyer, he had contacts with the Romanian avant-garde (in particular, the poet Stephan Roll and his wife, the painter Medi W. Dinu) and eventually took up painting. After spending a while in Paris, in 1941 he settled in Havana, where he would also die. In 1946, he joins the Latin-American geometric abstract art group Madí. Later he was a member of the Diez Pintores Concretos group.

Sandú Darié [transfromable structure], 1, madera, 21 x 22 x 7,(in).jpg Sandú Darié [untitled], -50s, watercolor in cardboard, 12.5x14 (in)  (6).jpg Sandú Darié [untitled], 1950,  mixmedia on canvas, 19 x 24 (in).jpg Sandú Darié Abstracto 1964 oil on canvas  10 x 14 in.jpg Sandú Darié Untiitled 1974 acrylic on paper 19 x 24 in.JPG See more in Gallery