Domingo Ramos


Domingo Ramos - Latin Art Core

Born in Güines on November 6, 1894. In 1907, he entered San Alejandro's Academy. In 1918 received from the National Congress a scholarship to study in Spain in the famous San Fernando's Academy in Madrid.

He exhibited his paintings in 1919 in Barcelona and after returning to Cuba was appointed Professor in San Alejandro's Academy until 1931 when he was designated as tenured professor of the Chair of Artistic Anatomy. He was appointed to teach the subject of Landscapes in 1943 and in 1949 he was named Director of this famous academy of art.

He carried out part of his pictorial work in Güines. One of the most famous Cuban landscapers was able to capture , the light of the tropics and his love for the Fatherland, in his work. He specialized in landscapes and seascapes.

In his productive artistic life, Domingo Ramos made more than twenty exhibitions of his work. He also participated in many collective exhibitions. He won prizes and medals in Cuba, Europe and New York, such as those from Havana’s Academy of Arts and Letters in 1916. From Havana’s Annual Hall of Fine Arts Circle in 1936 and 1938. From Seville’s Ibero-American Exposition in 1930. From New York’s World Fair in 1939 and from New York’s Latin-American Art Exhibition in 1942.

His paintings are included in many important national and international collections. The Museum of Modern Art in Madrid acquired his work Colossus in the Summit. Other works of Domingo Ramos belonged to collections of Cuba’s Presidential Palace and National Capitol. Also the National Fine Arts Museum has works of this famous painter.

“Painter, landscaper, with a marvelous use of colors, vigorous technique and prolific production”, that’s the way the America’s Art Encyclopedia, describes this extraordinary artist from Güines. Domingo Ramos died at age 62 in Havana, on December 23, 1956.