Alfredo Sosabravo


Alfredo Sosabravo - Latin Art Core

The artistic history of Alfredo Sosa Bravo was born at the time when the artistic works of another great Cuban plastic artist, his countryman Wifredo Lam, fascinated his countryman.

In 1965 he begins to learn and to work the art of ceramics, which passionated him and will take him to Italy, Albisola.

In 1966 he began a new phase of growth and artistic experimentation in his work through the use of canvas or shredded tissue paper and then reassembled and met with countless stitches that makes the work particularly rich in novelty and charming Art .

Its exuberant artistic creation yet found an outlet on the bare, brightly colored, terracotta, with the creation of the famous "mural" of Sosabravo.

From the seventies to the present day he realized a number of works around the world composed of ceramic parts assembled in the wall and a real ceramic sculpture gallery of various sizes, representing mechanical contraptions and subsequently forms of anatomical allegories.

In the nineties Alfredo Sosabravo often travels through Europe ... In Italy, in Marzabotto Bolognese, in a municipal elementary school gym wall Pian di Venola, the summer of 1993, with the collaboration of many young men and women participating in the Civil Service International, paints an impressive mural entitled "Peace and War at Monte Sole", (and other anti-war mural paints them in Sardinia). Albissola (Savona) - world-renowned center of ceramics - in 1998 he made a hundred ceramic plates. In Murano (Venice) manufactures a series of glass sculptures inspired by the Man and other creatures of nature (fish, sirens, etc.).

The works of Alfredo Sosabravo are different and original: a genuine personal expression, attentive to the eternal questions of life: nature, man and machine as its extension, in forms and pure coloristic invention compositions and in which the philosophical and existential reflections of 'Artist in the form of written expression and designed in popular sayings or famous movie titles that are used with evident ironic intent.

His artistic works, especially the last one, are literally works-write that follow the pattern of expression of the artist: consists of alphabet letters, words and phrases that explode in rivers, with directional arrows, composite human heads, patched fabric, lines broken that intersect with the painting and lines that simulate the movement as a "cosmic", glasses, birds and fish and mermaids speak or mute, areas in colorful paintings.

The presence almost eerie, the center of his works, of Man in his eternal move and become in a unique atmosphere actually make extremely interesting thenworks of this artist.

Painter, draftsman, printmaker, ceramicist; his constant desire for perfection and her rigorous work developed in the decades of his career have turned him into one of the most significant and representative artists of Cuba, reaching high regard and artistic reputation at international level.

In Havana, in his studio of the crowded pedestrian Calle Obispo, adjuvanted by the Artist René Palenzuela, he continues its relentless and prestigious artistic work. In 2010, upon the completion of his 80th birthday, he was celebrated by the international art community and has received prestigious awards and prizes from the Cuban government. In 2012, the "Macro" Contemporary Art of Rome, has exhibited his latest works.